Surprise yourself!


Become a real spy and track down the Mysterious Director!

Through a ‘personal’ video message that you and your teammates receive, a dubious figure challenges you to crack his safe. Why is he doing this? It is clear that he really likes to play a ‘game’, after all, he doesn’t just give himself a win!

In the coming period, this Mysterious Director will travel throughout the country (and even beyond). More than 120 different cities are the scene of his ingenious master plan. You now have the unique opportunity to track down and expose this Mysterious Director! Form a proverbial ‘dream team’ with, for example, your family, friends or colleagues and tackle this ultimate opportunity!

Go on a mission through a metropolis or picturesque village of your choice, trace various locations, unlock assignments and decrypt as many telephone numbers as possible to stay in touch with our spies. Ontsleuteld is a very exciting city game that offers the necessary challenges in various areas. Mutual communication, cooperation and connection are the keys to success!

Keep your phone close at hand, because you can be contacted just like that. Trrrrring, trrrrrrring, you’ve been seen! Are you up for the challenge?

Can you be the first to make contact with the Mysterious Director?

Wishing you much success and wisdom!

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Who will you take on an adventure through the city?

Ontsleuteld is a very fun city game that offers the necessary challenges in various areas. This, in combination with the different game elements, makes the game suitable for every participant. It’s so nice when you go on a mission with a mixed group of friends, colleagues or family!

What makes Ontsleuteld extra fun is that, in addition to all the surprising game elements, you also learn to discover the city or village where you play the game in a playful way. Because you will trace various locations during the game, you automatically walk routes that you might not normally have mapped out yourself.

It’s no surprise, then, that we’re seeing many previous gamers return regularly to play Ontsleuteld again, each time in a new city. If you have played Ontsleuteld before, please indicate this when booking so that we ensure that you receive new assignments in the game every time! This way it remains challenging every time, in all areas!

So ditch the boring, mundane games and get ready for an exciting adventure with Ontsleuteld!


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