About us

Ludiek Events presents: Ontsleuteld!

Ontsleuteld is a sensational city game developed by Ludiek Events.
Anyone can participate in this game program, either in a team or individually. How cool is that

Sign up with your friends, family, colleagues, or on your own and go for the win! And to make it all even more fun: this crazy game can be played throughout the Netherlands, check here to see when we are in your area!

Curious about what else Ludiek Events has to offer?

We passionately create memorable moments every day.
Our team is specialized in developing and implementing various game programs for company outings, team building activities and other group arrangements.
We also supply professional actors, quizmasters, presenters, entertainers and chairmen and you can contact us for various (custom) acts and varied entertainment. Together with our label ‘Ludiek Trainingen’ we also offer various inspiring company trainings in the field of communication and behavior.

We are proud of all the talents we work with. Every day we strive together for the very best results. May we surprise you soon with this or one of our other fun arrangements?

Feel free to take a look at our website: www.ludiekevents.nl

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