About us

Ludiek Events presents: Ontsleuteld!

Ontsleuteld is a sensational city game developed by Ludiek Events. And the great thing is: everyone can participate in this large-scale game program!

Sign up together with, for example, your friends, family or colleagues and go for the win! And to make it even more fun: this crazy game can be played in more than 120 different cities. Take a quick look here to see which locations are available in your area!

Curious about what else Ludiek Events has to offer? We passionately create memorable moments every day. Our team specializes in developing and executing various game programs for company outings, team building activities and other group arrangements.

We also supply professional actors, quiz masters, presenters, entertainers and moderators and you can come to us for a variety of acts (tailor-made) and varied entertainment.

We are proud of all the talents we work with. Every day we strive together for the very best result. Can we surprise you soon during this or one of our other great arrangements?

Feel free to take a look at our website: www.ludiekevents.nl