Cities & Play dates

The Mysterious Director and his spies will be travelling all over the country in the coming period, so be sure to check out your neighbourhood as well! No less than 120 locations are part of this sensation.


In the map below you can see in which cities (and villages) the game can be played.
Click on your favorite location to see which play dates are available in that region.

You can play Ontsleuteld in your own hometown, but discovering a new city in a playful way is of course also great fun!


Simply register online and book your ticket(s). This way you are assured of participation on your favorite date and location.

Will you soon conquer the whole country?

More and more people discover the fun of Ontsleuteld and go on a mission in a city of their choice. The game can now be played in various countries including: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Cyprus and the Canary Islands! And more locations are being added all the time!

Ontsleuteld is also very suitable for playing more often. Choose a new city that you want to discover each time, indicate when booking how many times you have played the game before and you are guaranteed new assignments when you play the game again.

Discover the whole country in a fun way, or will you soon conquer all of Europe?