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For each participant you reserve a ticket.
Even if there are several participants playing in the same team.
Are you with a larger group? Then it is possible to divide the group into several teams and play against each other. Do you prefer to stay together in one team? That is also fine.


Note: make sure you have a valid ticket for all participants at the start of the game. If it appears at the start, or during the game by control of our ‘spies’, that the number of participants / teammates does not match with your reservation then your game can unfortunately not (further) take place. This would be a shame.

Children up to and including 7 years old can be taken on an adventure for free, when accompanied by an adult. When reserving your tickets, you only need to book for the number of people aged 8 and over.


When making your reservation, please note how many people under the age of 8 may be coming with you.

Immediately after receiving your payment you automatically received an email from us with the first necessary information and further instructions. Please read this information carefully, the rest is self-explanatory.


Did you unexpectedly, after payment, not receive an e-mail from us? Please check your spambox/ folder with unwanted e-mail. It can happen, especially with Hotmail and Gmail addresses, that they don’t let all emails end up in the inbox because of their strictly adjusted filter.

Have fun!

There is no limit. You can sign up with an unlimited number of participants.


Tip: Are you with a larger group of participants? Then it’s fun to divide your group into several teams and play the game against each other. In this way everyone remains optimally involved and active in the game.
Do you prefer to divide your group into multiple teams? Please indicate this when booking your tickets.

Yes, you can!
If your friends or colleagues have already bought tickets and you want to join unexpectedly, you can simply buy a separate ticket. Please indicate during your reservation that you want to join another team and we will send you the correct information.


It is also possible to participate individually in the game. In this case you are your own team consisting of one participant.


When booking the tickets you can choose which city and date you prefer.
The game program will be played in the city center of the city for which you have ordered tickets.


The exact location, within the city center, where the game starts for you will be communicated in the 24 hours prior to your game by one of the ‘spies’ of the Mysterious Director.
You will be informed about this.

From the moment the game actually starts it has a duration of over 3 to 3.5 hours.
Of course depending on your own tempo and effort within the game.

Ontsleuteld is a very nice interactive game that is very suitable to play it again, in different cities.
To keep every mission challenging, we work with a wide variety of fun assignments that can be decrypted.


You can add an extra note when booking your tickets.
Indicate here when you have been on a mission before with Ontsleuteld.
We will then ensure that your new mission will consist of new assignments.

You only need your own cell phone. You can use this phone to contact the spies and the Mysterious Director during the game. Assignments and instructions will also be sent to you via the telephone.

Yes, it is! This game program is completely corona-proof! All participating teams start spread out over the city center and you only have to move with your own team through the city center. Keeping 1.5 meters distance is therefore no problem at all! In addition, this game only takes place outdoors and you use your own cell phone to receive assignments.

You compete against other teams who have also registered for the game.
The number of other teams playing can therefore vary per date and location.


If you like to get in touch with the participants of the other teams beforehand, you can do so on our Facebook page. This is of course without obligation and not required for the game to run smoothly.


Immediately after your payment you should receive an automatic email from us.
Did you unexpectedly not receive an e-mail from us after payment? Please check your spam box/ folder with unwanted email. It happens, especially with Hotmail and Gmail addresses, that they do not let all emails end up in the inbox because of their strictly adjusted filter.


Still can’t find the e-mail? Then please contact us by:
– Sending an email to:
– Sending a Whatsapp message to: +31 6 14 93 47 18

Yes you can! In fact: Ontsleuteld is the perfect team outing.
Cooperation, communication and connection are the keys to success.


Ontsleuteld was developed by Ludiek Events, which is specialized in developing and implementing company outings and teambuilding programs.


For groups of 15 people or more we can even arrange a different time slot according to your wishes. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities.


Absolutely! You will sure know your own hometown well. This can work to your advantage regarding the locations to be tracked. However, this is only one element of the game. Other skills that are tapped into still offer the necessary challenge. Perhaps you will learn to look at your own hometown in a completely different way after playing this game!


Besides this, it is also a lot of fun to play this game in a city that is totally unknown to you. In this way you will discover this new environment in a playful way!

Ontsleuteld is een ontzettend leuk interactief spel welke heel geschikt is om vaker, in verschillende steden, te spelen. Om het bij iedere missie weer opnieuw uitdagend te houden werken we met een breed scala aan leuke opdrachten welke Ontsleuteld kunnen worden.


Bij het reserveren van jouw tickets kun je aangeven of je het spel eerder hebt gespeeld, en zo ja hoevaak al. Wij dragen er dan zorg voor dat jouw nieuwe missie uit nieuwe opdrachten zal bestaan.

We use Central European Time (CET) for our time slots.

Absolutely! Would you like to surprise someone with a fun and memorable outing? Then Ontsleuteld is the ideal and most original gift to give someone.


Through our website you can easily order the e-voucher(s), which will be sent to you directly by e-mail. This way you can hand them over personally.
(Would you prefer that we surprise the recipient with the e-vouchers give this under the ‘notes’ in your order).
When ordering the e-voucher(s) you can indicate for how many people you want to upgrade.
This can be for 1 person but also for several people, the choice is yours.


The lucky recipient of the e-voucher(s) can then choose a location, date and time slot of his/her choice.
How fun and flexible is that? Ontsleuteld can be booked 7 days a week and can be played throughout the Netherlands.

Click here to order the e-voucher(s).

We currently offer Ontsleuteld in two different languages.
In addition to the Dutch version, you can also choose to play the game in English.

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