The Mysterious Director is waiting for you

Before the start of the game

To get into the right mood, you and your potential teammates will receive a personal text message from our ‘Mysterious Messenger’ on your mobile phones one day prior to your play date. Among other things, it will include the exact location where you are expected the next day. You will be given the choice of three different starting locations in the downtown area of the selected city where you will be playing the game. It’s up to you to choose where your mission will begin. On the day of your play date, exactly when your game starts, everyone will receive a video message from the Mysterious Director – how thrilling! Additionally, you will, of course, receive clear game instructions to be well-prepared to embark on your mission.

Goal of the game

If you are the first to contact the Mysterious Director by telephone via this final number, you win the game! You can choose to play in one team with your group. You then play together against the Mysterious Director of the game. With a larger group size, it is also great fun to divide into several teams to compete against each other, which will create an extra competition within the game.

Where to play

Ontsleuteld can now be played at more than 120 different locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. But you can now also look for the Mysterious Director in Cyprus and the Canary Islands! No doubt you can also go on a mission somewhere near you! Check here which performance dates and locations are still available. Who do you dare to take on this challenge with?

How the game works

It is up to you to trace as many locations as possible in the city center (of a village or city of your choice) within the playing time. Use clues to find the relevant locations, unlock the corresponding assignments and decrypt a unique telephone number each time in order to get closer to the Mysterious Director step by step. In total there are 10 locations to trace and therefore also 10 unique phone numbers to unlock and actually call!

Did you complete the unlocked assignment correctly? Then the unlocked telephone number is most likely correct and you will effortlessly get a live call from one of our spies. Unless another team is just ahead of you of course, then the telephone line is temporarily busy and you will have to try again. Can you feel the adrenaline rising already? The clock is ticking…the phone is ringing, who’s answering?!

Did you make a mistake in the assignment? Then it could just be that the phone number you unlock is not entirely correct. Still, you will probably try to call our spy and it can happen that you get a complete stranger on the phone! This can make for a hilarious situation, especially when you try to make yourself known in code language, but it also works extremely tension-increasing, after all, you want to move on to the next location in order to get closer to victory!

When an assignment has been completed correctly and the solution is correct, you will receive a new clue via one of our spies which will lead you to the next location. The 10 decrypted telephone numbers together eventually form the ultimate final number! how the game works