Welcome to this private page of Ontsleuteld!

Your adventure is about to begin.
Are you ready for it?

By now you have ordered tickets through the website.
You have received a confirmation e-mail with a personal login code to this private page.

So far everything is running smoothly.
In order to be able to start off well prepared, here are some detailed instructions.

Ontsleuteld can be played throughout the country, on multiple dates and times.
For the sake of convenience, in this example, we’ll assume you’ve made the reservation below.

Example reservation:
Date:   30 augustus 2020
Location:  Amsterdam
Times:   14.00 – 17.00 hours

24 hours prior to your play date:

The steps below need to be carried out in the 24 hours prior to your play date.
(In this example you perform these steps on August 29).
* Have you made a reservation which is already within these 24 hours? No problem, just follow these steps right now.

Step 1: Add the following phone number to your cell phone: +316 14 93 47 18
              Then save it under the name: ‘Mysterious Messenger’

Step 2: Create a Whatsapp group and add any other participants from your team to it.

Step 3: Also add the ‘Mysterious Messenger’ to this Whatsapp group.

Step 4: Fill in the group topic (name of the group) as follows:  Team X Amsterdam 
              (The ‘X’ will later be changed to a number by the Mysterious Messenger)

Step 5: Make the ‘Mysterious Messenger’ administrator of the Whatsapp group.

Step 6: Now send one text message in the Whatsapp group containing the following information:
              – Reservation number
              – Date of your game (for example: 30 August 2020)
              – Your game time (for example: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
              – The names of all participants in your team.
              – The E-mail address of the contact person who ordered the tickets online.

In the course of the day prior to your play date (in this example, August 29):
– The ‘X’ from your group name will be replaced with a number. This is your assigned team number.
– You will receive the exact starting location where you will start the game tomorrow.
You can assume for now that this will be in the city center.

On the day itself (in this example 30 August):
– You will receive a video message from the Mysterious Director via WhatsApp.
This will be sent at the time that your game actually starts. (in this example 14.00 hours)
Make sure you are at the starting location on time so that after receiving the video message you can start immediately.
start immediately after receiving the video message.
– You will also receive a clear and substantive game explanation.

Game rules

The Mysterious Director has drawn up only a few rules of play:
– The game must be completed on foot. Bicycles, scooters, cars, etc. are not allowed.
Moreover, these are also not practical within the game program.
Our spies will keep a close eye on you.
– Game materials such as photos, videos, assignments, answers, forms, etc. are not allowed to be distributed.
Of course also not online and through social media channels etc.


Note: A ticket must be purchased for each participant/attending team member before the game begins.
If the number of participants does not match with the reservation at the start of the game or after verification by our ‘spies’ during the game, they will unfortunately be forced to disqualify you immediately and end your mission. If there are still extra participants, make sure you order extra tickets in time to avoid disappointment.

These are the only rules of the game, isn’t it not so bad?

In preparation / do not forget:

– Take your cell phone with you, you’ll need it during the game.

Make sure you can use your phone to: call, WhatsApp and take pictures.

– Bring a pen to write with.
– Bring a blank sheet of paper to write down during the game.
– Below you can download the answer sheet. Print it out so you can write all the telephone numbers/answers you’ve unlocked during the game. (1 sheet per team)
If you do not have a printer at home, you can write down the answers on a blank sheet of paper.