Game rules

Game rules

Below you can find the game rules. Click on the sound file if you want to listen to the spoken version. If you prefer to read the text, you can also find it written out below.

At any moment you can receive the first photo clue.

Action 1: Trace the location which is depicted on the photo. This can be a building, statue or other object.
When you have found the location, it is important to take a group photo of it.

But beware, this photo must meet certain requirements!
– The photo must be taken from the same position as where the original (sent) photo was taken.
– All team members must be visible on the photo
– And of course the building/object on the photo must be recognizable.

Did the photo turn out well? Great!
Action 2: Send the photo via the Whatsapp group to your Mysterious Messenger.
If the photo is judged to be correct, then you have unlocked the corresponding assignment! (YES!)

Action 3:
You will now receive the assignment and it is up to you to crack and solve this assignment. The result of the assignment is always a phone number.

Action 4:
The phone number that is unlocked must now actually be called!
As soon as the phone is answered by one of our spies you have to make yourself known with the following sentence:

‘We are the spies from team X – mission the underground city (+ city name)

At the place of the X you name your own team number, for example team 1. At ‘city name’ you name the village or city where you are playing the game, for example Amsterdam.

Then the call will be ended and you will receive the next photo to a new location.

Phone line busy? Maybe another team is just ahead of you! But hurry up because time is ticking… quickly try again! Deciphered the assignment incorrectly? Then you might call the wrong number… be warned.

During the game the actions above repeat themselves.

In total you can receive 10 different photos during the game. Trace 10 different locations, unlock 10 corresponding assignments and call 10 phone numbers to get closer to the Mysterious Director.

After the last assignment has been successfully completed, it will eventually become clear how you can get to the final number.

The team that is the first to make contact with the Mysterious Director by phone via the final number is the winner and has a chance to win a place in the winner’s ranking!

Good to know:

– All participating teams will be spread over different start locations in the game. However, everyone takes the same route, only the starting location will be different.

– Are you unable to trace a location or are you unable to solve an assignment? Don’t panic! In this case, use your proverbial Joker. But don’t do this too quickly because there will be consequences!
A suitable location or assignment may not be submitted later in the game. In addition, each time you ‘pass’, 15 minutes are subtracted from your final score.

– Each photo assignment has a location number on it. (For example: location 1, location 2, etc.) this corresponds to the telephone numbers to be filled in on your answer sheet.

Example: Photo clue ‘location 1’ eventually produces an assignment whose outcome is a cell phone number. This phone number can be filled in on the answer sheet behind ‘mobile 1’.

Photo clue ‘location 5’ also gives a phone number after solving the assignment, this can be entered on the answer sheet behind ‘mobile 5’. etc.

Make sure you fill in the phone numbers at the right positions, this is crucial for deciphering the final number.

Good luck to you all!